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Penny graduated from The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in 1991. Some of Penny's notable acting credits include:




2013: The Sparticle Mystery (3 Episodes) - Coral

Sparticles Productions - Various Directors


2012: Prisoners' Wives (6 Episodes) - Prisoner Officer

Tiger Aspect for BBC - Various Directors


2007: Doctors - Paula Barnes (Guest Lead)

BBC - Steve Hughes


2006: The Royal - Diana Woodbridge

YTV - Alan Waring




Welcome To Fabulous Jenny Vegas Jenny Vegas

Totally Blinds - Steve Haythorne


One Thing After Another - Susie Hee

Rumpus Theatre Co. - Karen Henson


She Stoops To Conquer Kate Hardcastle

Bridge Theatre Co. - Freeda Kesall


Naughty Night To Swim In - Lynette

Crucible Theatre - Steven Wrentmore




McDonalds 'Baby' Director: Leo Burnett


Heinz Salad Cream Director: Leo Burnett


Uncle Ben's Rice BDDO



Cornerstones Education - Elizabeth I on Her Death Bed

The Sparticle Mystery - Series 2 Episode 5

The Sparticle Mystery - Series 2 Episode 1




IN A MOMENT (Effects of Cancer/ Ill Health on Young people (NHS)

Written & Performed by: Penny Capper


"Very moving and engaging, and the best way to specifically and dramatically provide insight into how ill health affects young people.

Gave good insight into how TYA feel whilst going through treatment.

The acting scene was very powerful and gave me a new perspective to TYA with cancer, and I will try to apply the knowledge to my daily work.

Role play facilitating discussion was very good.

Role play excellent!

I felt really emotional. A very realistic portrayal of a young cancer patient.

To see the ‘patient experience’ from the point of view of Kayleigh was very powerful."


Testimonial Courtesy of: Shona Tutin

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